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Why you shouldn’t drive too slowly

You’re likely aware of the dangers associated with driving faster than the posted speed limit on a Texas roadway. However, you may not necessarily be aware that it can be dangerous to drive slower than the posted speed limit. In some cases, driving too slowly can enrage other motorists, which can increase your risk of being involved in a physical confrontation.

Other motorists may not be able to react in a timely manner

It’s harder to see other vehicles while driving up a hill or around a corner. Therefore, a motorist may have less time to react to the fact that your car is moving much slower than his or her vehicle. Ultimately, driving below the speed limit may increase the likelihood of your car being struck from behind.

There is also a chance that other drivers are caught unaware of what is happening and collide with the car that just struck your vehicle. If you are involved in a car wreck caused by a driver who is driving too slowly for road conditions, you may be entitled to compensation in a personal injury case.

It may be difficult to maneuver around your car

If the road that you’re traveling on only has a single lane in either direction, other motorists won’t be able to get around you. Even if a road has multiple lanes, it may still take time for other cars to find an opportunity to make safe lane changes. Ultimately, you could make people late for work, school or other important events because you aren’t following the rules of the road. This may increase their stress level, which may result in a road rage incident.

An attorney may be able to take steps to help you obtain a favorable outcome in a personal injury case. For instance, he or she may review any statements that you make after the accident to minimize the risk of undermining your position. An attorney may also be able to use multiple lines of evidence to bolster your claim that another person’s negligence caused the crash to occur.