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What takes place after a truck collision?

Any vehicle wreck brings injury risks, but collisions with semi-trucks might be among the most deadly. A truck’s mass could inflict enormous harm, and victims may find their lives altered. Those involved in a truck collision on a Texas road might need to take several steps to address the situation. Medical concerns may take precedence over financial ones, but the financial ramifications could become impossible to avoid.

Actions after a truck collision

Determining fault becomes a vital prerequisite to taking any legal action after a truck wreck. Anyone responsible for a wreck could become liable for the victim’s losses, provided there’s sufficient proof to show negligence. Dashcam footage capturing a speeding truck making an illegal turn might deliver enough evidence. The same may be true when a police report details a truck driver’s intoxicated state.

Filing a lawsuit might not be the only path towards recovering losses. An insurance claim may be the preferable alternative, and truck drivers likely carry auto liability coverage. If the truck driver’s employer shares some fault, it may be possible to file a claim against the company’s commercial policy as well.

Seeking a settlement

Unlike some other motor vehicle wrecks, truck wrecks could involve multiple vehicles and, possibly, numerous parties at fault. Such cases might require extensive investigations, which might extend the duration of settlement negotiations.

Insurance companies may attempt to deflect blame to avoid payment. A company might also present a low offer that a victim could find unreasonable. Taking the insurance company to court might potentially address these issues.

Suing beyond policy limits may prove avoidable, depending on the severity of injuries and losses. A commercial trucking company might have sufficient assets to make such a strategy viable.