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Can you get help returning to work after a crash?

Returning to work after a car crash isn’t always the easiest thing to do. On one hand, you may need to return to work to cover your expenses. On the other, you may still be in pain or find it hard to work a full day.

You should know that if you’re hurt by another driver, you can ask that they cover your lost wages as well as any things you need to get back to work. For example, if you are willing to retrain for a different position, you might try to get that training covered as a part of your personal injury claim.

Returning to work may not happen all at once

Some people think that when they return to work it has to be all or nothing. That’s not necessarily true. Even if the doctor says you’re cleared to go back to work, they may clear you for part-time work or for work with accommodations. In that case, you might be back at work part-time and still be looking for compensation for reduced hours.

Since returning to work may not always happen all at once, this is something that you and your attorney should discuss when you’re going over your personal injury claim. It’s great that you have a willingness to work, but not all people can return to full-time work after an injury. Some people need more time to recover, and others might have to reduce their hours or change industries. In a worst-case scenario, you may need to look into longer-term disability options.

What can you do if you can’t return to work?

If you can’t return to your old job because of the injuries you’ve suffered from, your attorney may help negotiate additional compensation for the time you won’t be able to work. They may be able to get additional compensation for training or help you with getting disability benefits for the longer-term.

It’s important for you to feel physically and psychologically safe while you’re at work, so your recovery takes priority. Once you’re healed, you can begin looking into returning to the job search.